Breitbart Emails Show Steve Bannon Was No Fan of Donald Trump

Bannon didn’t care if Trump won the 2016 election or not.

With all that’s coming out today, regarding the early days of the Trump White House and all the conflicting attitudes, it should come as no surprise that Buzzfeed News has their own reveal.


The website obtained several email exchanges between Steve Bannon and employees of Breitbart News, before Bannon was eventually brought in to work for the Trump campaign.

In January 2016 there was an exchange between Bannon and then-tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, regarding an email sent to both Bannon and Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow.

It was 3 weeks before the Iowa caucus and the email contained a draft of a piece called “How Trump Can Win Iowa.”

“Why r we doing this,” Bannon responded.

“We want him to win, don’t we?” Yiannopoulos wrote back. “Well, I do…”

“No,” Bannon replied, and told his staffers to hold the story. “I’m totally indifferent. I’m Darwinian…he who wins, wins.”

Four days later, on Jan. 17, Yiannopoulos kicked the tires on the email thread, linking to a CNN video in which Trump discussed his relationship with God.

At the time of the Iowa primary, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Trump to the state’s evangelical voters by saying that he had never asked God for forgiveness.

“He NEVER asks for forgiveness!!!” Bannon wrote back. “It’s a joke having him discuss god.”

WAIT… I have common ground with Steve Bannon?


Good grief.

Bannon actually approved the story, but he had conditions.

He wanted then-Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro to write a counter-piece supporting Ted Cruz.

In response to Bannon’s criticism of Trump’s lack of humility before God, Breitbart’s Washington political editor Matthew Boyle chimed in. “…He can’t do anything wrong, at least in his mind,” Boyle wrote. “Trump is a genius at showing absolutely no weakness whatsoever and projecting macho man confidence. He is a giant walking, living, breathing self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“Narcissist,” Bannon wrote back.

So Bannon just wasn’t a fan of Trump’s it appears.

It was seven months later that Bannon left to join Trump’s campaign. I can only imagine the Mercers had some input in that area.

In fact, earlier reports are that the Mercers were complicit in installing Bannon and Kellyanne Conway with the Trump campaign.

So many rabbit holes.



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