Trump Takes His Grudge Against Mitt Romney to a Crazed, New Low

This is a ridiculous level of petty ignorance, even for a bottom feeder like Trump.

The president is proving he’s not emotionally stable, and has no ability to take his focus off of grudges and just govern.


The current Republican National Committee chairwoman is Ronna Romney McDaniel. If something about that name seems familiar, it’s because she’s Mitt Romney’s niece.

It’s a well-known name in politics, at this point, with her uncle having served as governor of Massachusetts, as well as 2012’s Republican presidential nominee.

Ronna Romney McDaniel was chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Committee, where her grandfather, George Romney, was governor, before taking the position as the national chairwoman.

Like I said, “Romney” is a name in politics, whether you go for the squishy middling sort, or not.

So what did our mush-mouthed, spastic Commander-in-Chief do that’s so repugnant?

President Trump asked current Republican National Committee (RNC) head Ronna Romney McDaniel if she would be willing to stop using her middle name publicly before she became chairwoman, according to The Washington Post.

The report comes amid revelations that the president is encouraging Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to run for reelection as a means of blocking former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney from running for the seat.

Yep. Because Trump can’t let go that Mitt Romney isn’t one of his fanboys, he is actually asking this woman to deny her name.

She’s used her full name for most of her career, but the insanity that is having a mentally deficient reality TV troll as president is forcing her to drop it. Reports are that she’s honored that request in official party communications, as of late.


I guess for someone as petty as Trump, I can see how it would be a big deal.

Romney, like others before him, spoke out firmly against Trump during the election. I mean, he didn’t [rightly] call the man out for a cancer on conservatism, or a barking carnival act, but he pretty definitively [and rightly] called him as a “fraud” and a “phony.”

Because he is.

“Dishonesty is Trump’s hallmark.”

You forgot petty narcissism.

Still, Trump brought in Romney, presumably to offer him the Secretary of State position. I think more accurately, however, it was just to humiliate him, before ultimately giving the slot to Rex Tillerson.

And now he’s not only trying to keep Romney from running for Orrin Hatch’s seat in the Senate, but he’s trying to strike the man’s name out of politics, by nonsensically asking his niece to drop the name she’s been using her entire life.

This is outrageous. The man has severe emotional problems, and these aren’t the kind of character issues that just go away.



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