This Uncomfortable Roy Moore Clip Could Spell Trouble (Video)

Well, isn’t this special?

I’m going to say that I don’t know how old the video is, or where the interview was from, but it sounds bad.

Roy Moore, currently fighting back accusations of inappropriate behavior with young girls in the 70s, as he tries to win Alabama’s vote as their next senator, says some blunt, rather negative things about America.


Again, No idea why he’s saying these things, but when the interviewer mentions to Moore about Russia being the center of evil in the world, Moore quickly adds that the same could be said about America.

He mentions gay marriage as one of the bad things promoted by America.

When the interviewer suggests Vladimir Putin has made the same argument, Moore offers, “Well, then maybe Putin is right.”

It’s really not the thing voters want to hear from a man running to be a U.S. senator. Most kind of would like it if their elected officials had confidence in their nation.

I’ll actually give Moore some credit. There are things in this nation that are a grievance and a drag on all of society. So called “tolerance” will be our downfall.

That being said, when compared to Russia, you never, ever take Russia’s side over your own nation. And you never draw moral equivalence between us and them.



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