If Joe Scarborough Is Telling the Truth, We Should All Be Deeply Concerned (VIDEO)

I know I just broached this subject less than an hour ago, while discussing the thoughts of Trump’s ghost writer for his book, “The Art of the Deal.”

There seems to be a theme, today, and not one I take lightly, considering I’m currently dealing with an elderly parent in the throes of dementia.


While Tony Schwartz says he sees a difference in the way Trump speaks today, as opposed to how he communicated during the writing of the book, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough offered up earlier Thursday that even those within Trump’s circle are expressing concern.

The worst part of it is that, if true, they had these concerns during the campaign.

During MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Scarborough said Trump is “completely detached from reality.”

“You have you somebody inside the White House that the New York Daily News says is mentally unfit,” Scarborough said.

To be fair, it’s not just the New York Daily News.

“That people close to him say is mentally unfit, that people close to him during the campaign told me had early stages of dementia.”

And I’ll say this: If these people truly believed he was in the early stages of dementia on the campaign trail, they should have done everything possible to pull him out of there. They should have warned the RNC. There should have been an all-out effort to end his candidacy, not just for the sake of the nation, but for an elderly man’s well-being.

Dementia doesn’t get better. There are good days, bad days, and worse days. Depending on what type of dementia, some may have hereditary components, and they all have an effect on decision making and behavior.


Trump’s father, Fred Trump, spent his last days dealing with dementia. It was during that time Donald convinced him to change his will to cut his deceased brother, Freddy’s children out of the will.

Scarborough went on to also point out that the rhetoric between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has set us on the path to war.

“We heard this months ago, that we are going to have a ground war in Korea, they believe that inside the White House for a very long time,” Scarborough said.

“If this is not what the 25th Amendment was drafted for,” he added, referring to the amendment that covers presidential succession and the response to a president with disabilities.

Trump can’t be completely blamed for the North Korea situation. Jong-un is a maniac, and his aggressive ambitions didn’t begin with Trump. He’s been mishandled for years, first by a weak and ineffective Obama administration. It’s only been exacerbated by Trump’s reckless Twitter habits and utter lack of a filter between his brain and his mouth.

I’ll say it as I’ve said before: If there is any real concern in Trump’s inner circle that he may be suffering from some kind of organic brain issues, the family needs to care enough to step in and get him checked out. A neurological exam needs to be scheduled, sooner, rather than later.


I also believe, however, that the type of people Trump has around him, including members of his family, are the type of cold mercenaries that realize removing Trump would be the same as removing themselves from power, and they’d rather deny and try to keep it covered up than to actually get the man help.

Of course, Trump has taken his shots at Scarborough, most recently in a Wednesday tweet that suggested that Scarborough may have had something to do with the death of a staffer in 2001, when Scarborough was a GOP congressman.

The death was due to a seizure, that caused the woman to fall and hit her head in Scarborough’s office. Tragic, but nothing more sinister went on. For Trump to even suggest it was hateful.

So is Scarborough just bringing up a possible dementia scare to get back at Trump?

I don’t know. He’s been saying it for some time. Others are saying it. And unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it, until somebody insists Trump undergo the necessary testing.



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