Is This John McCain's Parting Shot?

He’s not wrong.

At all.

Senator John McCain is making the rounds, doing interviews, in what feels like a farewell tour, to me.

Or maybe he’s just venting, but given his condition, it’s very likely that he feels like unburdening himself, and he’s going hard at President Trump on his way out.


“I don’t agree with the way he’s conducting his presidency, obviously,” McCain said during an interview with Esquire.

“He’s an individual that unfortunately is not anchored by a set of principles. I think he’s a person who takes advantage of situations.”

This is true. He’s an opportunist and a notorious self-promoter. He’ll take whatever path gives him the least resistance, and that doesn’t bode well for those who expect him to work to push through whatever agenda items they have lined up.

McCain went on to give Trump kudos for his successes in his business life, but as a politician?

“But I don’t think he has the fundamental underpinnings of principles and beliefs,” he said.

Not unless you count “self” as a belief.

He added: “I don’t think there was any doubt about his views toward me. But I’m a loyal Republican.”

Yeah. I don’t know about that, either. The “loyal” part, at least. Your own positions have been mercurial, at best, and you pretty much exemplify the definition of the raging American RiNO.


Still, he’s got a point. The fact that he’s bearing down so hard on it now suggests to me that Arizonians may soon have the chance to elect an actual conservative to the Senate. Hopefully not one that chases chemtrails.

And I hate to delve too far into the reasons for McCain’s departure. Not because he hasn’t officially announced anything, but because we already know why it has to happen. Politics and every other ugly thing aside, the man is in for an ugly struggle, so he may as well get his licks in, now.



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