But God: Seeking Our Father, Unafraid

So I hope you’ll bear with me through a bit of self-promotion.

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love what I do with RedState (and on occasion, The Resurgent). I have fun with it, and I’m blessed in that there are very few restraints put on us by the grand high muckity-mucks.


My work with RedState and The Resurgent aside, however, I’ve been involved in a 5-year labor of love and obedience, that finally came to fruition a week ago.

Yup. That’s right, folks. I wrote a book.

And while I love writing about culture and more politically-themed subjects, the book has nothing to do with the government of this world, but rather, is a call to seekers, afraid to come to Christ.

It’s also an encouragement for the weaker brothers and sisters, so afraid of an authoritarian God, feeling that their next slip could be their last.

God is not mad at you.

So why did it take me five years to complete?

There are a lot of reasons. Life has a way of getting in the way of living.

The main reason, however, was that I only wrote when I felt the Holy Spirit was lighting up something in me that needed to be written. I would go months without writing a word, then suddenly get this prompting in my spirit and would sit down and finish a chapter or so in several hours.

I poured out my heart in this work, covering a lot of topics that I think cause so many to stumble, or doubt their ability to “get it right.”

It’s not about our ability. It’s about what was already accomplished at the cross.

It’s also about relationship.

In any relationship, if there is doubt or insecurity, the doubter will eventually stray. The relationship with Christ is no different. Those who doubt their place with Him will shrink away. However, those who trust that they are who that Bible says they are, know their value, feel loved and secure, they stay. They stand. They grow in that security and their walk with Christ becomes more steady, reflecting more of Him, and less of their own flesh.


Each chapter is sprinkled with pertinent Bible verses to support my words, as well as closing prayer prompts.

And if you see my opposition to Trump as something that was just borne from an ugly election season, as I’ve said often, my opposition is largely to who Trump is, and how I feel his embrace by those counting themselves as Christians is damaging to the Christian witness.

I cover Christian image in several chapters. In chapter 5, which would have been several years before Trump became a candidate for the presidency, I wrote this:

     To begin with, correction is not always to be considered judgment. Correction is vital and we’re called to use brotherly or sisterly love to hold our siblings in Christ to account for their actions. You wouldn’t let your natural sibling stand on a train track, while a speeding train barrels towards them, assuring their destruction. This is no different. You don’t want to see them hurt. Neither does our Heavenly Father.

You also don’t want the reputation of the Bride of Christ to be sullied, because of the actions of those who call themselves by His name. We’re living in a moment in time where our every move will be magnified and cross examined by the unforgiving eye of a fallen and sinful world. Many will turn from our pleas to repent and be saved because they don’t see any difference in the life they’re currently living and the one we project. In fact, often times, we look worse to them.

If you feel there’s a recurring theme within these pages to step out and be separate from the world, you’re right. I want to continuously implore you to be conscious of the image you present and who you represent. This is for your good and the good of those who may yet be won over to the cause of Christ.


I added the emphasis, there.

The book is called But God: Seeking Our Father, Unafraid.

It’s available in Kindle format, as well as paperback on Amazon.

There will be other books. I’m already in prayer over the direction of the next book, and it may not take 5 years, this go around, so stay tuned.



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