Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Battle Over Tax Reform in CNN Debate

Bern victims and Cruzbots, rejoice!

CNN is hosting a debate between the 2016 also-rans, on October 18.

The Oct. 18 debate will center on the tax plan backed by President Trump and congressional GOP leadership, which would lower individual and business tax rates and eliminate the estate tax.

Cruz has called for ensuring that the framework translates into a supply-side tax cut. “We need to embrace unapologetically that we’re doing a tax cut,” the Texan said last week as he outlined his aims for the eventual legislation at the Capitol.

Sanders, I-Vt., has called the GOP framework “morally repugnant.”


Because of course he did.

Sanders, who lost the Democrat nomination for the presidency after shenanigans from party brass, who wanted install their identity politics candidate into the nomination, no matter what, is an Independent, but his leanings are well into the Socialist realm.

Cruz, on the other hand, managed to scramble through an overcrowded GOP field to be the last real challenge to Donald Trump’s dominance over what turned out to be the Republican party’s angry, ugly, dumb season.

And no, we don’t count John Kasich. He had no chance, but just held on because he apparently had nowhere else to go.

Cruz is one of the most conservative senators in the Senate, and has a steel-trap mind, when it comes to conservative issues.

This isn’t the first time Cruz and Sanders have faced off. CNN also pitted the two against each other in a town hall-styled debate over the future of Obamacare, back in February.


For politicos, this is a peek at what could have been, instead of what was.


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