President Trump Laments the Lack of Appreciation for Single-Handedly Saving Puerto Rico

National Guard Soldiers arrive at Barrio Obrero in Santurce to distribute water and food among those affected by the passage of Hurricane Maria, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017. Gov. Ricardo Rossello said "This is a major disaster." "We've had extensive damage. This is going to take some time." (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti)

It never stops with this guy.

At some point, you have to admit that he’s not going to get any better. He’s always going to be an egotistical, delusional reprobate.


His supporters, on the other hand, will continue to make excuses for every betrayal, or every dumb move.

Take for instance, his response to Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico’s humanitarian crisis.

Four days after the island was left without power, with blocked roadways and people beginning to feel the desperation of their situation, Trump decided to take a long weekend break at his New Jersey golf resort.

From that resort, he got into a completely unhelpful war of words with the mayor of San Juan.

He waited an entire week after Maria made landfall to waive the Jones Act, which would have allowed for foreign vessels to bring in supplies.

Once supplies had reached the island, there was still a problem with blocked roads and a lack of drivers to deliver the aid.

Maria left the island wrecked, and some have estimated getting power back up to the island could take months.

Trump did finally make it to the island last week. There’s video of him tossing out paper towels.

The bottom line is that there are people in Puerto Rico who, no matter what progress has been made at this point, will still be struggling for a long time, and our president is more concerned with patting himself on the back and pouting about those not giving him the praise he desperately craves.


He sees nothing wrong with getting into a war or words with the mayor of San Juan, while he luxuriated at this New Jersey golf resort.

He sees nothing wrong with delaying the waiver on the Jones Act.

No, he doesn’t see a problem with anything, except the lack of praise he received.

That petty, small attitude is why this man may be president, but he’ll never be a leader.


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