President Ivanka? Mama Trump Dreams It So

On the one hand, I’m a mom, and I completely understand this need for a mom to have high aspirations for their kids.

Take for example, my son.

He excelled in academics from elementary school forward, in all the advanced classes, and had a keen perception of where he was going. I’ll never forget my 7-year old child very matter-of-factly telling me that he hoped he could make good grades all the way through school, because then he stood a better chance of getting into a good college.


My boy.

He made those good grades, was a state-ranked wrestler, champion in his division, slammed the SATs, and went into a private college, pre-med, with a full academic ride (and a bit of NCAA money for wrestling).

Today, he’s an elementary school gym teacher.

Ok. To be fair, he chose his own path. He wanted to coach more than he wanted to do medicine, so that’s what he does.

Besides the regular gig teaching pickleball to 3rd graders, he’s gone from coaching high school wrestling to working as a coach with a private club that trains aspiring young grapplers, from the elementary age to adulthood.

A year ago, over every other coach, for every sport, he won Conference Coach of the Year.

My boy.

I tell you all that to bring you this: Ivana Trump, the first ex-wife of President Trump, and mother to his three oldest children is already preparing herself to be the mother of the president.

She’s capitalizing on being the first wife by putting out a book. There’s no indication that she’ll be telling another tale of spousal rape and emotional abuse, but she’s opining about the political ambitions of her daughter, Ivanka.

“Maybe in fifteen years,” Ivana Trump suggested of Ivanka’s possible presidential bid in her new book “Raising Trump.”

“First Lady? Holds no appeal for me personally. First Mother? That could work,” she wrote, as reported by the Associated Press on Saturday.


Ivanka Trump has never held any political office, much like her dad, but I give her props for not being known because of a grainy, homemade sex tape, like other celeb heiresses.

What she did do was ride the train of nepotism into a prime spot as a senior adviser to her dad (keeping in mind that she has no political experience to advise from, other than hosting fund raisers for liberal politicians). She can’t really advise on anything of substance, because she has no experience, but she can certainly be the liberal in her dad’s ear, nudging him ever-leftward.

That is what Ivana Trump is hoping will be the key to creating a Trump dynasty in politics.

So is it something Ivanka would consider? We know the Trump cult base, who care very little about policy and very much about personality would love nothing more, and in fact, have been talking about President Ivanka, even before her dad could get the seat in the Oval Office warmed up.

“I have learned in life to never say never! It is too limiting!” Ivanka Trump told Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2016 when asked if she’d consider running for office.

That would be a “Yes.”

Politics, however, are very different than choosing coaching over medicine. It relies on the will of the voters. Others are determining if you move forward on that path, or if your aspirations go down in flames.


Donald Trump is the most unpopular president in modern history. Rather than laying the base for his political dynasty, before he’s out of office (whenever that may be), the chances are his family may be forced to change their names back to “Drumpf” to get any peace, anywhere.

Ivanka Trump will always be seen as Donald Trump’s daughter. That won’t be a stain that comes out easily, even if her dad makes a full left turn. And let’s be honest: If she runs, it will be as a liberal Democrat. She hasn’t changed her leanings.

I do get her mom’s big dreams, however. She’ll just have to learn to be happy with everything her daughter has already accomplished.



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