Unbelievable: Marxist West Point Grad was Flagged in 2015 to Superiors

The West Point graduate that set social media ablaze when he posted photos of himself revealing a Che Guevara shirt under his uniform, and also the words “Communism will win” written inside his cap went on to be commissioned with the U.S. Army.


That’s outrageous.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. As I wrote about on Wednesday, Senator Marco Rubio has requested that the commission be nullified and that every option under the Military Code of Justice be considered.

The senator went on to point out that those who harbor anti-American ideas and express a desire to harm our country and its leaders have no business serving in our military.

So how did Spencer Rapone get through?

It’s a question that really needs to be examined, especially in light of the fact that he was flagged in 2015 to his superiors.

It should have ended right there.

Retired Lt. Army Colonel Robert Heffington, who taught history at West Point wrote:

“I cannot reconcile the image of a first class cadet at West Point with the things he has posted online for the world to see,” Heffington said in a written copy of the statement. “To me, these are red flags that cannot be ignored, and I fail to see how this individual can possibly graduate and become a commissioned officer in six months.”

But he did, and is now in the field with an Army combat unit.

One of the tweets Heffington was alarmed about was Rapone reportedly writing “F*ck this country and its false freedom.”

“From his various online rantings and posts, it appears that DCT Rapone is an avowed Marxist, which is completely out of line with the values of this nation and its Army,” Heffington said. “He also… even implicitly justifies the actions of ISIS and blames the United States for terrorist attacks.”

In other social media posts, Rapone reportedly says he will “happily dance” on the grave of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and calls Defense Secretary James Mattis “vile” and “evil.” McCain, who was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for more than five years before his release in 1973, recently revealed he is battling brain cancer.


I’ll say it again: He’s in the field with an Army combat unit, now.

Let that one sink in.


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