After the Las Vegas Tragedy, Trump Is Ready to Talk About Gun Laws

Given the media love President Trump got for dealing with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who would be shocked if he was equally accommodating with talk of new gun laws, especially in light of Sunday’s Las Vegas horror?


There’s really no indication of what the president’s response will be, but as was to be expected, Sunday night’s events have rekindled the debate on reforming gun laws.

As a candidate, Trump was endorsed and supported by the National Rifle Association. His sons are hunters. His base is fiercely pro-Second Amendment. That may be enough to hold him firm, but then, his base was fiercely pro-border wall/pro-immigration law enforcement before the election, and he’s adjusted his stance on that, considerably, since being elected.

The base has actually been pretty malleable on that wall and DACA, at least judging by their reactions, thus far.

Would they be equally understanding if Trump were to look to the left on this one more issue?

If nothing else, Trump is ready to take a new look at dabbling with current gun laws.

From the Washington Times:

President Trump said Tuesday that his administration will weigh new gun laws in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, as he praised police for the “miracle” of their quick response to the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

“We have a tragedy,” Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House. “We’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes by.”

Asked about legislation on gun silencers, Mr. Trump replied, “We’ll talk about that later.”


The president will be in Puerto Rico today, surveying the damage left in the wake of Hurricane Maria, so that debate won’t come today.

The issue isn’t going to go away without a fight, however.

The focus has been on silencers (even though Paddock didn’t use a silencer). Expect it to turn to bump-stocks.

What you won’t hear careful consideration of is that the crimes committed by Stephen Paddock were Paddock’s fault, and only Paddock’s. Stiffer gun laws will not make criminals more inclined to become lawful (look at Chicago). They simply serve to make law abiding citizens more vulnerable.


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