North Korea Is Breathing Threats, Puerto Rico Needs Help, but It's OK, Says Trump From the Golf Course

So the big media battle this weekend has been between those who saw Trump’s tweets against Puerto Rico as a callous, atrocious lack of sensitivity or empathy, versus those loyalists who would do literally anything to defend him.


The oppo on San Juan’s Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz came fast and furious, with those who’ve taken the orange in full attack mode, because she didn’t praise Trump, she had to be neutralized.

And I’ll agree that if she’s doing TV interview after interview, rather than meeting with FEMA, then she’s neglecting her duties as mayor.

I’ll even go as far as saying there might be a partisan angle to her efforts before the camera. She is a Democrat, and she did support Hillary Clinton, after all.

If we’re to brave the psychological horrors that come with attempting to enter the mind of some of those that so vociferously defend the president, however, we see that there are those among us who don’t care as much about the people in Puerto Rico suffering as much as they do the fact that the mayor of San Juan didn’t bend the knee to Donald Trump (the only appropriate kneeling).

We should be looking at what’s happening in Puerto Rico through nonpartisan lenses, but that’s just not the world we live in, anymore.

Compassion is in short supply, these days.

Speaking of people who don’t care, let’s look at King President Trump’s weekend, outside of Twitter.

While the Donald was saying of Puerto Ricans that they sat back and waited on others to help them, rather than to help themselves, he was tweet-raging from his luxurious golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey.

No matter what you think of the mayor of Puerto Rico, shouldn’t that nudge your conscience a little bit?

Trump, being eternally self-involved and tone deaf, of course, missed how that might send a horrible message.


And speaking of partisan, any Republican who blows this off as no big deal, but freaked out over President Obama’s poorly timed, equally tone deaf golf retreats is a hypocrite of the lowest sort.

So after a day of really horrible optics on Saturday, what is the gilded toad planning for today? Has he got some plan in place to redeem himself?

Well, besides taking another swipe at San Juan’s mayor, he’s changed his schedule –  not to get to work on the crucial details of caring for the U.S. citizens in need in Puerto Rico, or North Korea, or tax reform.

He certainly didn’t go to church.

Yeah. He’s going to do more of the golf thing, by attending the President’s Cup Golf Tournament at Liberty National Golf Club.

Because of course he is.

Trump is scheduled to arrive at the course this afternoon and will participate in the trophy presentation at 6 p.m. Several former presidents attended the tournament this week, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

And yes, I know his loyalists will continue to circle the wagons and play defense, no matter what it takes or what he does.

He said it himself: He could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and wouldn’t lose his supporters.

What a twisted, callous, dumb time to be alive.




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