Trump Pal to Testify Before House Intel on Tuesday

Roger Stone talks to reporters outside a courtroom in New York, Thursday, March 30, 2017. Stone, a longtime political provocateur and adviser to President Donald Trump, is being sued over a flyer sent to 150,000 New York households during the state's 2010 election that called the Libertarian Party candidate for governor, Warren Redlich, a "sexual predator." Stone says he had nothing to do with it. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Longtime Trump pal, and informal adviser, Roger Stone is about to get his day to testify in the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.


On Tuesday, Stone will appear, presumably because of his boasting of contact with someone thought to be a Russian hacker responsible for the release of Democrat emails to WikiLeaks.

Stone being Stone, however, expect some sort of eruption, or an over-the-top clown act that prevents anything meaningful from getting done. Stone may want to take a few swipes at California Representatives Adam Schiff and Jackie Speier.

From the Washington Examiner:

 In March, when the House Intelligence Committee held its first open hearing into Russia, Speier listed Stone as one of the people who fell into a trap laid by Russian President Vladimir Putin, “to do his bidding and engage with him.” Stone has also said that Speier claimed he was on the Kremlin payroll, an accusation that led Stone to say he might sue the California Democrat.

Schiff suggested in the March hearing that Stone could have colluded with Russian hackers based on comments Stone made regarding the release of emails from former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. Stone was furious, and said Schiff had “slimed me in public, and I’d like to have an opportunity to defend myself in public.”


This could be his chance. I certainly don’t expect tomorrow to go smoothly.

Republican strategist Michael Caputo, who testified in July, has a similar gripe, and has asked for transcripts of his testimony to be made public.

Along with Stone on Tuesday will be Boris Ephshteyn, who formerly worked with the White House press office.

Stone is a master at making everything about himself, so tomorrow could be an exercise in frustration, as the members of the committee attempt to carry out serious business.


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