Luther Strange Compares Roy Moore to Todd Akin, Warns He Lacks "Conservative Accomplishments"

Sen. Luther Strange and his wife Melissa thank supporters after forcing a runoff against former Chief Justice Roy Moore, Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017, in Homewood, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

As his opponent, I suppose he’s supposed to conjure up these images in the minds of voters.

Especially since he’s trailing in the polls, consistently.

Said Strange:


“There are a lot of people that think my opponent would be a Todd Akin, an anchor around the neck of the party for the next couple years. I have to say, knowing him, that’s probably a valid concern — it really is,” Strange said in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

Just curious – Do those “lot of people” all work on your campaign?

Don’t answer.

Todd Akin, if you remember, was the Missouri congressman who made remarks in 2012 about “legitimate rape,” and abortion that are believed to have set off a wave of troubles for Republicans in 2014, and is credited for helping snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for Democrat Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

Moore has been unapologetically frank with his religious beliefs, so we can only assume that’s what Strange is getting at.

Moore, who told the Washington Examiner on Sunday that he plans to bring “knowledge of God” to Capitol Hill if he wins Tuesday, has led Strange substantially in most public opinion polls, although some private surveys show a close contest fueled by President Trump’s endorsement of the incumbent.

Now, wouldn’t that be a change of pace for Capitol Hill?

Strange apparently is feeling the pressure, as he lashed out, questioning Moore’s accomplishments and conservative credentials.


That would be Luther Strange – Mitch McConnell’s handpicked choice.

“You look at my opponent’s record on the Alabama Supreme Court, he’s really got a Democrat record. He’s got the liberal record in terms of rule of law,” Strange said. “It’s really ironic that some conservatives are siding with my opponent, who really has no conservative accomplishments. What has he actually done for the conservative movement?”

Strange has tried to distance himself from McConnell, saying that the anti-establishment tag may be hurting him.

Also, the failure of GOP lawmakers to repeal Obamacare has a lot of the base quite upset.

“I think it all turns on anger and frustration at the Republican Party’s failure to deliver their promises. If you look at any issue that brought that home it was [John] McCain’s sinking of the healthcare bill,” Strange said, referring to the Arizona Republican senator’s vote against the GOP repeal bill in early August. McCain also came out against the Graham-Cassidy legislation to overhaul Obamacare last week. “The anger level was through the roof at that point and it’s probably been the single biggest issue of this campaign.”

McConnell-linked groups are all in for Strange, however, pouring millions into his campaign.


Others say the fact that he was appointed by former Governor Robert Bentley may be hurting him.

Bentley was forced to resign after an investigation into misconduct, and now, there are those who wonder if Strange might have been in on it, in order to grab that vacant Senate seat.

Strange had already announced his campaign to run in a special election on the assumption that Trump would tap Session for his administration. But at the time of the appointment, his team in the attorney general’s office was investigating Bentley for improprieties, and he was eventually forced to resign.

That led to accusations that Strange made a corrupt bargain with Bentley to accept the appointment in exchange for backing off his investigation, even though it continued unabated under Strange’s successor (also appointed by Bentley) after he was sworn in as a senator.

I can see how something like that might dog him, a bit.

Vice President Mike Pence is set to appear in Alabama tonight to stump for Strange, in a last minute push before Alabama citizens take to the polls tomorrow.


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