WATCH: In Defiance of the U.S., Iran Test-Fires New Ballistic Missile

Somebody help me out, here.

Is this in compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement? It doesn’t seem like it.

On Friday, Iran’s state media proudly aired footage of a successful test-launch of a ballistic missile, that is capable of reaching Israel and other parts of the Middle East.


Just hours earlier, the Khorramshahr missile was unveiled at a large military parade presided over by Iranian President Hassan Rohani who vowed to continue Tehran’s missile program in defiance of demands from Washington to halt it.

A military parade, eh?

And of course they’re acting in defiance of the U.S. They’ve only breathed hate and destruction  towards our nation for decades or so.

State broadcaster IRIB showed footage of the missile test. The report did not give the time or location of the test. The video included footage from an on-board camera showing the detachment of the cone that could carry multiple warheads.

“You are seeing images of the successful test of the Khorramshahr ballistic missile with the range of 2,000 km [1,200 miles], the latest missile of our country,” state television said.

Rouhani said Iran would strengthen its missile capabilities without asking for any country’s permission.

Somebody get Rex Tillerson on the line and ask him if this is still “technically in compliance.” I think somebody needs to come to the table and really unpack that word, “technically.”

In recent days, the Secretary of State has insisted that Iran was in compliance, in an effort to keep the U.S. from walking away from former President Obama’s ill-advised Iran nuclear deal.


Trump called Rouhani’s government a “murderous regime” that shouldn’t be allowed to have missiles.

“We cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles,” he added.

He’s not wrong. The problem now becomes how to extricate ourselves from this Obamanation, when we’re wrapped up in a pact with Great Britain, Russia, Germany, and France. And while it might not be just about the missiles (as much as say, the payload), this still could be seen as aggressive.


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