Ann Coulter Doubles Down on Her Call for President Pence

I will never get tired of this.

Seriously. I’m just waiting for more to come tumbling down.

Ann Coulter’s sudden confrontation with reality – something that eluded her during the election season, apparently – continues to be one of the funniest, most satisfying cases of schadenfreude imaginable.

In a Wednesday television appearance, Coulter went full flip, suggesting we’d be much better off with a President Pence, at this point.

“If we’re not getting a wall, we may as well have an attractive, dignified Republican there. We’ll get better Supreme Court justices under Pence,” the prominent conservative pundit said on Newsmax TV’s Howie Carr show.

She’s backed Chris Christie and Donald Trump. She “joked” that she’d be for letting Trump perform abortions in the White House if he’d just build the wall. I think we can stop referring to her as a “conservative” pundit, now.

Carr went on to ask her about her recent tweet, where she asked, “Who doesn’t want Trump impeached?”

“There’s no modification of that,” Coulter said. “What faction would be against that now? I mean, if we’re not getting the wall, obviously Mike Pence would be better. It’s not like we weren’t aware of the massive personal baggage of Donald Trump.”

Some of us were not only aware of it, but had the foresight to call out the obvious: The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. Trump’s “baggage” included a long history of self-serving motives, cheating, scamming, and intensely questionable associations. Coulter knew all of this, but still somehow thought: We can trust him, this time.

She trusted him so much she wrote a book called In Trump We Trust.


You don’t put your trust in slimy, self-serving snakes.

You don’t go into business with them. You don’t take marriage vows with them. You don’t vote to give them high positions of power.

Trump’s turn left on the most prominent of all his campaign rhetoric was always going to happen. It just took Democrats a few months to figure out that if you suck up to him, he’ll bend. He is untethered from anything resembling principle or conviction. His sole motivation is ego. At his narcissistic core is the heart of a lifelong Manhattan liberal, and switching his party affiliation to “Republican,” several months before entering the presidential race doesn’t change that.

“What did they chant at every rally for 18 months? ‘Build the wall!’ We thought he understood the urgency of this, but maybe we were wrong, maybe he doesn’t seem to understand that,” Coulter said.

He understood it perfectly.

The con artist always understands his marks.

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