Sheriff David Clarke Pops up on Social Media to Show Off His Lack of Class

At best, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was a clownish buffoon, and totally inept at the job he was elected to perform.

At worst, he was a lazy, profane, shiftless opportunist, waiting to hook his wagon to whatever star could carry him to the spotlight he craved.


That star happened with Donald Trump’s candidacy, a campaign that hinged on obnoxious lunacy – right up Clarke’s alley. He shed all but the title of “Sheriff” and became a surrogate for the Trump campaign.

Clarke felt his stumping for Trump would result in a position with the administration. In fact, he hinted that he’d be up for a position with Homeland Security. With that in mind, he neglected the duties he was elected to carry out.

Thankfully, even Donald Trump isn’t crazy enough to let this man anywhere near an official position in the U.S. government.

After several public missteps – one that included having his men tail a citizen through an airport, all because the man had words with him on the airplane – Clarke decided to retire from his law enforcement gig.

I’m sure that was the only good thing he did for the people of Milwaukee County.

This latest incident between Clarke and a reporter is a fine example of the character of the man.

Earlier this month, a reporter from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Daniel Bice, was working on a story mapping Sheriff Clarke’s spending.

Clarke assigned a round-the-clock security detail to himself at the beginning of the year. Documents released by the sheriff’s office earlier this month indicate the detail cost taxpayers more than $225,000.

When Bice emailed Clarke on Sept. 13 asking for a comment on the spending, Clarke emailed back, “F**k you and the horse you rode in on.’ I’m David Clarke and I approve this message.”



That was not the end of it, according to Bice. “Clarke also thought it was a good idea to post my home address online, to publish an essay in which he smeared one of my family members and to invite me to lunch so he could read me passages from a Christian devotional.”

So he doxxed the guy for asking a question, trashed his family, and then pulled the Christian card, after displaying the exact opposite of Christian behavior.

Clarke is truly a slug.

And you would hope that if he was pulling that Christian card, there would be something resembling a conscience, or conviction for his language and behavior.

Yeah. Not quite.

Clarke actually tweeted out his satisfaction with his own, ignorant behavior.

And it’s Fox News with the assist.

Of course.

This kind of trash pile behavior shows a lack of maturity and commonsense. With any luck. Clarke’s future will be filled with nothing more than Twitter rants and social media self-congratulations like that above. However, he should never be allowed into any formal role in government, whether local, state, or federal, ever again.


Currently, he’s settled into a consolation position (since he was rejected for any role with Homeland Security) as a senior adviser and spokesman for America First Action, a pro-Trump super-PAC.




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