The New Trump Finds Time to Extend the Media Some Love

For months, he’s called them “fake news” and encouraged his loyal followers to reject the media.

Now that he’s pulled off the mask and is making deals with the likes of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, however, he’s gotten a taste of left-leaning media approval, and he wants to return some of the love.


Trump was in Florida today to survey the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, along with Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Rick Scott.

While making his remarks, the president addressed the press:

 “Media, we appreciate you being so understanding,” Trump said at a briefing on Hurricane Irma relief efforts in Florida. “It’s been a very tough period of time even for you folks, and we really do appreciate your understanding. This has been a difficult situation.”

Wasn’t he screeching about “fake news” just a couple of weeks ago?

Wasn’t he, as well as his followers, tweeting out gifs of Trump beating up figures with CNN over their faces?

My, what a change.

We can (rightly) assume there’s no need for him to pretend to be anything other than the leftist we always knew he was, at this point. This mutual love society between he, the Democrats, and the media was always going to happen.


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