Idols Fallen: Ann Coulter's Response to Trump's Amnesty Deal Says It All

So much butthurt!

While I’m enjoying the schadenfreude, I have to say I’m mystified. Those who knew Trump’s past, and heard all the warnings from those of us who knew a B-list celebrity with liberal leanings and no real ideological foundation would flip, are falling all over themselves today, stunned that everything NeverTrump said would happen, has actually happened.


Why? Did you think we were kidding?

And it’s not like they’re all intellectually challenged political neophytes, either. You would expect more from people like Ann Coulter, who rumor has it, isn’t just a cheerleader for raging RiNOs, but is actually a lawyer, as well as a pretty sharp writer.

She’s also the wretch who said she’d be fine with Trump performing abortions in the White House, as long as he built the wall.

How’s that working out for you, Ann?

Today is going to be a long day of hot takes and hilarious collapses by Trump’s faithful minions. I intend to see and talk about as many of them as I can.

Coulter’s is special. She wrote an entire book called In Trump We Trust, so now we get to ask where her trust is.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s been broken.


This morning’s brief tweet thread by Coulter is a perfect summation of the chorus of disappointed wailings I’m seeing on social media.

NeverTrump were right, but we don’t want to take scalps. A simple apology, along with the acknowledgment that principle matters should be enough.


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