Fox News Puts the Spin to Trump's Wall Flip

With all the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Trump faithful today, you have to know there are some acolytes who will make the most feeble of feeble attempts to Trumpsplain what looks like a complete betrayal of his campaign promises.


Where better to turn for that maddening comedy take, than his campaign headquarters – Fox News?

Former Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz was trotted out, like the guy with the shovel that follows the elephants around the circus grounds, to try and scoop up all steaming hot takes being dropped across social media today.

“The president doesn’t need Congressional authority to build the wall, it’s already there,” said Chaffetz “He needs funding so it’s solely in the camp of the United States Congress to fund what the president promised he would do. He’ll build it but Congress has to step up and actually fund it.”

Let’s unpack that.

It’s (the wall) already there.

Wait… If it’s already there, what was he talking about building for all those months on the campaign trail? What was Mexico going to pay for?

He needs funding.

For what, exactly?

He’ll build it.

He’ll build what? The wall? But you just said it’s already there.

Congress has to actually fund it.

Same as the last question. What are they funding?

Let’s go with renovations, because as Trump said in one of his early morning posts, the “wall” is actually the refurbishing of existing fences and walling on the border. Not a whole, new wall, as his faithful believers were led to believe.


In with the assist was Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy.

“Congressman, has the wall almost become symbolic?” he asked. “I know the president ran on it. It was a mantra. But at the same time, border crossings have gone down dramatically and you were talking about how the wall exists in certain forms and there’s money to go to it, has to come from Congress, but do you think we’re going to get to the point where maybe they won’t build the wall.”

Come back from the ledge, faithful true Trump believers. The wall Trump spoke of is symbolic.

Who needs actual, physical barriers on the border? Trump was appealing to the big, beautiful wall in your hearts.

I’m so glad we’ve got that all cleared up.


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