New NBC/WSJ Poll Explores American Divide on Cultural and Economic Issues

A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is showing just how divided the nation is on a host of issues, especially regarding culture.

When speaking of social changes, in general, 77 percent of Democrats are fine with what they’ve seen happen in our nation. Only 30 percent of Republicans feel that same level of comfort.


When it comes to the traditional definition of marriage, as set up by God, one man and one woman – 42 percent of Republicans still cling to that.

That one is important. It’s less than half. Keep it in mind when you consider the “evangelicals” and how they vote. You can just about ask the question, regarding evangelical voters: How Christian are they? And rightly come to the conclusion: Not very.

For Democrats, not surprisingly, only 17 percent still believe in God’s definition of marriage. They’re also twice as likely as Republicans polled to say they don’t attend church.


The poll found that the election of President Trump appeared to lift GOP attitudes with 46 percent of Republicans saying they lacked confidence in their children’s future. In 2014, 88 percent of Republican respondents said they weren’t confident their children’s generation would be better than their own.

Because partisan politics is the only security blanket some know.


The survey also saw differences on geographic and educational lines, with people without a four-year college education and people living in rural areas both expressing negative feelings about the economy and being more conservative on social issues.

The poll went on to compare rural residents to urban residents, showing that 43 percent of rural residents are optimistic with their local economy. Urban residents, on the other hand, polled as high as 57 percent optimistic about their local economy.

With 1,200 respondents, this poll, conducted from August 5 to August 9, has a margin of error of 2.82 percent.


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