New Poll Asks: Should Trump's Financial Records Be Included in Russia Probe?

It’s interesting to note how ardent the president and his supporters are about keeping this from happening.

A recent CNN poll reveals that a majority of Americans polled – 70 percent – believe that during the course of the Russia probe, President Trump’s finances should be included.


A majority, 60 percent, also says the Russia probe is a serious matter, compared to 38 percent who think it is an attempt to discredit the current president.

I’ll say this: There may be an element of truth to the notion that there is a desire to discredit Trump involved with the investigation. That, however, does not mean there is an inability to control those impulses and conduct the business of carrying out this probe with professionalism.

Also, if your first inclination is to protect the president above the well-being of the nation, then you’re not the virtuous one.

Americans by a 59 to 31 percent margin do not approve of the way Trump is handling the investigation, pollsters found. The president has in the past decried the Russia probe as a “witch hunt,” and dismissed it as an excuse by the Democrats for losing the presidential race.

Who knew? Whining and lashing out over social media like a 13-year old girl doesn’t come off as presidential. Or sane.


According to a recent CNN report, the ongoing probe has expanded to look into possible financial crimes, with people providing information to Robert Mueller not specifically linked to the Russia investigation.

Trump has said if the investigation lapsed into his business dealings, he’d consider it as stepping over the line.

This particular poll was conducted from August 3 to August 6, with 1,016 adult respondents. It has a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.



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