Trump Pal Suggests He Knows Who Leaked Donald Jr's Trump Tower Meeting To The NYT (VIDEO)

Trump pal and human pustule, Roger Stone, has long promoted himself as having an inside track on the workings of first, the Trump campaign (he was booted early on, due to inflammatory and racist statements), and now the Trump White House.


While Stone has no formal role, he has said that he and the president speak often, with Trump asking him for advice.

On Tuesday, Stone attended a gathering at the Capitol Hill Club for Young Republicans, when he was approached and asked if he had an idea about who may have leaked news of Donald Trump Jr’s Trump Tower meeting with a Russian attorney to the New York Times.

I’ve yet to hear Stone say he didn’t have an answer, and this was no different.

The exchange was brief, as presented by the Independent Journal Review:

“Yes,” Stone replied.

“Do you have any idea who it might have been,” the woman asked in response.

“Yes,” Stone replied again.

When pressed to tell his questioner who it was, he demurred, saying, “I can’t tell you.”

When pressed further, Stone gave a teaser of an answer: “Their initials are J.K.”

It doesn’t take a lot to figure out who “J.K.” is supposed to be: Jared Kushner.

Of course, Stone has no proof of this, but that never stopped him before. The man is the prototypical pot stirrer.

That being said, it adds a bit of juice to the stories of administration in-fighting, and the cut-throat jostling for position.


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