LISTEN: Australian PM Does Trump Impersonation For Journalists

I suspect there’s a lot more of this going on that we’re not seeing or hearing about.

Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull, in a speech to journalists, mocked President Trump with an impersonation.


From the audio, the impersonation is a hit. Those in attendance seemed to be enjoying it.

It actually seemed to be done in good humor, rather than outright mockery, so nobody should declare war on Australia.

Journalists who attended the event are supposed to agree not to report on it, but an editor at Australia’s Nine Network broke protocol and made the footage public.

“I have this Russian guy…Believe me, it’s true, it is true,” Turnbull added, alluding to the investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Turnbull later told a Melbourne radio station that it was meant in fun, and that people needed to “lighten up.”


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