WATCH: Brooklyn Public Library Hosts Garish "Drag Queen" Story Time To Kids

This is all kinds of messed up.

Right off the bat, let it be known that how adults want to dress, no matter how gaudy or flamboyant their accoutrements, as adults, they can do their thing. While I can have an opinion (and believe me… I DO), I can also write it off to crazy people and crazy tastes.


That being said, there’s an issue that we all need to pay attention to when in the name of “tolerance” we see the left going after our children at younger and younger ages.

A case in point would be Brooklyn Public Library’s “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

In a video from Channel 4 News’ Facebook page, a drag queen calling himself “Lil’ Miss Hot Mess” is reading a book to children who look to be between 3 to 5 years old, and leading them in songs about being drag queens.

In fact, at the beginning of the video, he asks, “Who wants to be a drag queen when they grow up?”
Otherwise, it’s the typical tripe about gender fluidity (not a real thing) and “acceptance.”

I didn’t see many hands go up, and I presume it’s because these children were much too young to really understand what was being asked of them. Their being too young, however, is not a deterrent to the cultural Marxists and their designs on the children as a tool to advance a corrupt agenda.


It’s amazing when you try to dip into the mind of the typical leftist. They would deny these children their very lives, had their moms decided that the pregnancies were inconvenient to their lifestyles, but once the children are here, they are willing to do their level-best to destroy their lives with aberrant propaganda.

One last point: Who are the parents that are allowing their kids to take part in this clown show?



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