VIDEO: After Senate Hearings, Graham Wants Investigation Into Trump Business Connections

With Monday’s Senate hearings in the rearview mirror, it would seem that it has prompted more questions, rather than providing any definitive answers.

At least that’s the reaction of South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

During an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, Senator Graham suggested that testimony from former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper piqued his interest in exploring other areas.

 During the hearing, Graham asked Clapper if he had any concerns about Trump’s business dealings with Russia. Clapper responded that he did not have them at the time when officials were compiling a report on Russian interference in the election.

Graham then followed up, asking if Clapper had any “broader” concerns about Trump’s connections to Russia. Clapper responded by saying “I can’t comment on that,” stating that it was the subject of an ongoing investigation.

That, for Graham, was a “Hhmmm…” comment. So now he wants to know what it is Clapper couldn’t comment on.

Specifically, Graham wants to delve into Trump’s potential business ties with Russia, as part of a Senate investigation.

Graham differs from his cohorts in that he’s the highest ranking Senate Republican willing to poke around the topic of Trump’s potential entanglements with Russia.

Graham’s not exactly the most conservative Republican in the Senate, but he’s not exactly wrong, either. Clapper’s response certainly should have raised some suspicions as to what is being investigated.

Both sides of the aisle are far too willing to put partisan politics over transparency in politics, it seems.

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