Will Stephen Colbert Heed Glenn Beck's Warning?

Earlier in the week, comedian Stephen Colbert caused a bit of a buzz when he went on a vile tirade against President Trump, using what some considered to be a homophobic slur.


He walked back his remarks after the condemnation hit peak levels on social media, but they can’t be taken back.

Colbert’s angry turn has prompted a warning from Glenn Beck: “You have become me, circa 2009.”

“Stop it,” Glenn said. He described his own anger toward the Obama administration and how he let that outrage fuel his commentary.

“There were times that it was vitriolic; I was so angry,” he remembered. “What you’re doing, Stephen Colbert, I know. I know what you’re doing. I’ve been there. And it doesn’t work.”

In a 5-minute video clip, which you can watch here, Beck goes on to explain how angry rhetoric does not help the nation, but only works to divide the nation further.

Beck further asks what Colbert feels his role is in what’s going on in the country and what he can do about it.


It’s an interesting thought-piece, given Colbert’s popularity.

We have all seen how celebrity or perceived celebrity can energize various segments of the nation.

If you have a following and your rhetoric is negative or uncivil, especially if your platform is as broad as that of Stephen Colbert, it’s like planting a poison seed. Those who are receiving that message will carry that negativity beyond just their living rooms or wherever it is that they sit and consume the narrative.

And if being told that he’s becoming Glenn Beck doesn’t cause Colbert to reevaluate his trajectory, I don’t know what will.


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