WATCH: Tucker Carlson Takes On Defender Of Female Genital Mutilation

This is horrifying. It is barbaric. It should not be a thing that young girls of any culture should ever have to endure.

And there is no excuse for it, so let’s not start kvetching about insensitivity to other cultures.


What I’m referring to, specifically, is female genital mutilation (FGM), and it was a topic Wednesday night on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program.

Carlson interviewed an anthropologist by the name of Fuambai Ahmadu, who was voluntarily mutilated.

Ahmadu coyly stated at the beginning of the segment that she did not support FGM, because she doesn’t call it “mutilation.” She prefers the euphemism “female circumcision.”

Her assertion was that the removal of the external sex organs of little girls, and the sewing up of the vagina is probably protected by the Constitution and should be made legal.

The conversation was prompted by the recent arrest of a Michigan “doctor” who was performing the vile act on little girls in her Shia Muslim community.

While Ahmadu tried to make a comparison between FGM and male circumcision, she completely ignored the point Carlson was making about the number of women who are now protesting against this practice and who, themselves, underwent the procedure as children and say it has affected them negatively.

Adults have a lot of leeway in this country about what to do with their bodies. With tattoos, piercings, and other forms of body modification, it’s become commonplace.

In fact, I absolutely support Ahmadu’s choice to undergo FGM… excuse me… female circumcision for herself. She’s welcome to it. But then, that’s not what she’s arguing in favor of.


Girls as young as 5, 6, and 7-years old are having that choice taken away from them. The procedure is done in order to deprive them of pleasurable sexual experiences when they are older, because, apparently, if they one day fall in love and want to be an equal partner in the love making experience with their husband, that is somehow taboo in the society Ahmadu comes from.

Regardless, it should be their decision to make, and at 5 to 7-years old, they don’t understand why this horrible thing is being inflicted upon them. That is something that transcends culture. Children are innocent, until adults disrupt the sanctity of their childhood.

Watching Tucker Carlson squirm as he tried to fathom what was going on in this woman’s head was both amusing and understandable.

It’s a short segment. Watch and see for yourself.

Then be as flabbergasted as I was.


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