Ivanka Trump Attempted To Orchestrate A Planned Parenthood Solution For Funding

For those who were wondering about Trump’s support of Planned Parenthood during the primaries, which switched to a promise to defund Planned Parenthood before the election, but now seems to be forgotten, given the first peek at Trump’s initial budget plan, a new report says that was the influence of his daughter, Ivanka Trump.


So that meeting that Ivanka had with Planned Parenthood’s head ghoul, Cecile Richards right after her father’s inauguration was for the purpose of coming to some happy medium.

“The purpose of the meeting, from Cecile’s point of view, was to make sure that Ivanka fully understood what Planned Parenthood does, how it is funded, and why it would be a terrible idea for Planned Parenthood to be removed from being able to see Medicaid patients,” a Planned Parenthood official told Politico in April.

Ivanka’s suggestion, apparently, was to have Planned Parenthood split into two factions, with the services that they don’t actually provide on one side, and the abortions that they’re known for on the other. Keep in mind that this was in January, before she was even given a role, whether official or unofficial, in her father’s cabinet.


Officials with Planned Parenthood called the suggestion “naïve,” the report said.

It was. I’m sure the initial reaction, at least in Cecile Richards’ mind, was, “OH… How precious! She actually believes that crap we ladle out to the public about being a women’s healthcare facility, rather than just a well-funded infanticide mill!”

How depressing for us, knowing this silly, liberal child is running the nation.


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