Classroom Indoctrination: Liberal Teacher Models Anti-Trump Patch In Front Of Students

First of all, no matter the intent, this has no place in a classroom.

Cheryl Judy, a high school art teacher in Seth, West Virginia decided to pin a patch on the back of her jacket during school hours.


It sounds vanilla enough, until you get to the part about the nature of the patch.

It’s a swath of cloth, with the words: “Tuck Frump.”

The “uck” from Tuck and the “F” from Frump are helpfully highlighted in white.

It’s the kind of coarse, low-rent, IQ-of-meat material that oozes from the wretched sewer of liberalism on a daily basis.

And I reiterate, this has no place in a classroom.

Judy, like liberals in general, has a tendency to lie and equivocate, in an effort to excuse her actions.

Her excuse for doing what she did was it was during her planning period, the kids in the room doing art were busy, so it seemed a perfect time to pin this patch on her jacket.

From the Blaze:

“I thought that was a good time to pin that on there while they were busy,” she told the Gazette-Mail of her students, “so I hung it over the back of the chair where they couldn’t see it and I pinned the patch on.”

But it didn’t stop there.

Judy told the paper she showed the finished product to the students — between six and eight total — but only to make sure the patch was on straight. Besides, she told the Gazette-Mail, the students in the classroom were “like-minded.”

Several things…

Why was it in the school, to begin with? You couldn’t do this sort of thing at home, because that’s where it belongs. It doesn’t belong in the classroom. These days, kids have been suspended for much less, so Judy’s foul behavior and bad choices doesn’t flush.

Secondly, they may be like-minded, but these are high school kids. Most of them don’t really know what they believe and indoctrination shouldn’t be the goal of a high school art teacher.


Art is your gig. Stick to that.

“We had discussed this kind of stuff before,” Judy told the paper. “They were not offended by it. It doesn’t really have anything inappropriate on it unless you read it the wrong way.”

Of course they weren’t offended. They’re kids. And as for the inappropriateness of the patch, it was meant to be taken one way. Playing the dummy is not a good look, Ms. Judy.

“I really think people believe that I wore that patch all day long and all over the school, and I didn’t, and I’m really sorry that all this has happened,” she told the Gazette-Mail.

Judy, however, told the paper she actually wore her “TUCK FRUMP” jacket to the school board meeting Thursday evening and “nothing was said about it … that it was inappropriate or anything.”

Again, it doesn’t matter how long you wore the patch. The classroom wasn’t the place for it. You had no reason, other than indoctrination for wearing it.

And if you work it to the school board meeting, that seems like a fine example of someone trying draw attention, so wearing it in a classroom, then allowing a student to take a picture of it is exactly the reaction she was hoping for.

I’m the first one to say I get her animus. I’ve made my own feelings about our president known many times over.

I wouldn’t use that language, but I would never suggest she shouldn’t be free to express her thoughts about our president, whether positive or negative.

Just do it away from the job, and if you can’t contain yourself, perhaps you don’t need a job.


Judy, who described herself as a “very liberal person” in a statement to WOWK, told the Gazette-Mail that she doesn’t want to lose her job over this.

I don’t try to push my ideas onto other people — my liberalism. I don’t try to push onto other people, my religion, nothing,” she told the paper. “And I do encourage my students to speak freely about their ideas and their beliefs without criticism in my classroom because that is a part of art, to be able to express that kind of stuff.”

Emphasis mine, there, because, wow.

The incident happened several weeks ago. School Superintendent Jeff Huffman has vowed to investigate, considering the concern expressed from the community and around the country, after a picture of Judy with the jacket on in the classroom was made public.

Let’s hope they do.

The kind of stealth influence people like Cheryl Judy are attempting to wield over our youth needs to be stamped out.



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