Palm Beach, Florida Officials Considering Special Tax To Help Pay For Trump's Frequent Visits

Somebody is trying to defray the insane costs for keeping up a Trump presidency.

The county commissioner of Palm Beach County, Florida is proposing a tax on Trump’s visits to his swank golfing club, Mar-a-Lago, hoping to relieve some of the burden being put on the county resources for law enforcement to keep Trump safe.


From The Hill:

The county spends more than $60,000 a day during those visits for law enforcement overtime — nearly $2 million since inauguration, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told the Sentinel that the county expected Trump’s recent visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping last weekend to top $250,000.

Bradshaw said he is confident the government will reimburse the county for the costs, adding that he had a personal conversation with Trump in February and “he understands.”

Hey, Sheriff… Trump told his supporters during the primaries that if any of them incurred legal fees for roughing up his protesters, he’d cover their legal fees. Just saying…

So far, Trump has made six visits to Mar-a-Lago, and as I covered earlier, his trips have cost taxpayers over $20 million. This is all in less than his first 100 days in office.

County Commissioner Dave Kerner has proposed a tax on the estate, in hopes of recouping some of the costs to his constituents.

“We’re very honored to have the president here, but at the same time, his travel here is such high frequency he’s not visiting Palm Beach County — he’s governing from it,” Kerner told Money magazine.

“Whatever our priorities are, the taxpayers didn’t pay this money to us to protect the president.”

The resort is already subject to tax breaks because it is incorporated as a club and because Trump surrendered the development rights in 1985.


Palm Beach, Florida’s Representative Lois Frankel has already made the very generous suggestion that Trump either provide federal reimbursements to the local government, or… and this one is crazy… cut back on the frequency of his trips to the area.

I know. Rep. Frankel must be some kind of zealot.

Palm Beach’s mayor actually gave a more grim option, saying that there may come a time when Palm Beach residents would have to take the brunt through elevated property taxes.

I’m not even sure Trump is aware of what he’s doing, but he should realize that these people vote. If he doesn’t give even the most bare nod to actual concern for their community, they won’t forget it in 2020.


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