GOP Senator Suggests Trump's Wall A "Metaphor" For Border Security

Dude… seriously?

Ok, folks. Some GOP defenders of the Trump agenda really are trying to nuance Trump’s campaign promises, now, in the aftermath of the election.


Actually, they make more sense, so let’s hope he listens to them.

Speaking with Andrew Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day,” Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) expressed to Cuomo that he always saw Trump’s talk of a border wall to be a “metaphor” for securing the border.

Johnson, the chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, stressed that border patrol authorities say barriers and fencing serve their purposes of securing the border well.

“We have an administration who is committed to securing the border in whatever shape and form that takes. And yes, we do need better barriers, we need better fencing. We’ve had border patrol deputies and chiefs telling us fencing works. We need more of it. But I think we are going to do this in a very thoughtful manner,” Johnson added.

He went on to say Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is looking into the best ways to secure the border.

“Secretary Kelly is going undergoing the study right now. We will do this in a prioritized way, step by step building barriers wherever we need to, introducing technology, and building our manpower force — fixing personnel problems so we can actually hire the people we need to keep our border secure.”


Good idea. Maybe speak to the Energy Secretary, Rick Perry. He dealt with that border problem as governor of Texas for 14 years. His idea of aviation assets scanning the border from above, increased boots on the ground, and strategic fencing is a far better option.

How about drones? That’ll work.

During a Wednesday Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, Johnson agreed with ranking member Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) that agents have made their case for fencing over a physical wall. They like that they can see through the links and know what is happening on the other side of the fence.

Another good point, actually.

So whether this wall thing is a metaphor, or if Trump actually thinks he’s going to construct a costly border wall along the entire U.S. – Mexico border, the hope is that he lets those with more know-how have more of a say.


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