Trump Abandons Call To End "Trivial Fights" And Attempts To Pick One With NBC

Hey, do you guys remember when President Trump gave his first address as president and said something about putting aside trivial fights?

Yeah, it seems like a long time ago. It was so long ago, that our president apparently forgot the words somebody put on his teleprompter.


President Prissy Pants took a shot at the media – again – this morning.

In particular, he took a shot at NBC news and Chuck Todd.

How presidential.

Maybe Todd’s eyes are a bit “sleepy.”

Considering the puffy, red lids of the president’s, I would think he’d want to stay far away from those sorts of juvenile snipes.

And if you want to know where you should be digging, look where politicians are desperately trying to get you to leave alone.

Nobody really knows why Chuck Todd and NBC were the targets of the day. It’s almost as if Trump wakes from fitful dreams and just starts tweeting madly.

It was not immediately apparent what NBC coverage Trump was taking issue with. Chuck Todd on Friday interviewed top Washington lawyer Abbe Lowell and former Obama press secretary Josh Earnest on “MTP Daily” about the latest Russia developments.

This is news. Whether you believe a word of it, or not, it is news.


NBC is a network and Chuck Todd is one of their newsmen. The fact that he’s actually covering the events that have transpired since a bizarre, other-worldly 2016 election shouldn’t shock anyone.

Even the most gullible Trump supporter, if they’re capable of being honest, has to admit that when nearly everyone Trump has surrounded himself with has some sort of tie, either incidental or directly, to Russia, with some being forced to step down because of those connections (Manafort, Page, Flynn), then of course, it looks “funny.”

When the intelligence community confirms that Russia attempted to interfere in our election, you have to ask “Why?” and “How?” Then it begins to look more than just funny, and this is the kind of thing our media is supposed to cover.

If you don’t like the biased slant added to coverage, you can bounce around until you find coverage more agreeable to you, but what you can’t and shouldn’t do is tell the media what they should be covering.


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