What Does Planned Parenthood CEO Think Of Women Who Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood?

Somebody get this woman a biology textbook.

And a reality check.

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, is not the gatekeeper of womanhood, but apparently she thinks she’s been granted some kind of special mandate to determine who “real women” are.

To that point, the head ghoul of nationalized infanticide is making the ludicrous claim that pro-life female lawmakers are not “real women.”

During a press call, Richards said any Congresswoman who votes to defund Planned Parenthood is “betraying every woman in America,” according to Newsweek.

Hey, Cecile, I don’t feel betrayed, at all. Just an FYI.

More from the article:

Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said during a press call on Thursday that passing the American Health Care Act “would be catastrophic for women, especially for low-income women and women of color.” She called it the “worst legislation for women in a generation” and said unintended pregnancies, maternal mortality and instances of sexually transmitted diseases would all increase.

“We don’t even have to guess what the result of this would be,” said Richards.

I’ll agree with her on one thing: This bill they’re calling a replacement for Obamacare is the equivalent comparison of being hung or being drowned. Either way, the end results are pretty terrible.

The part about defunding Planned Parenthood, though? Absolutely on the money, and not at all anti-woman.

It’s a common tactic of the left to expect lockstep agreement from anyone who falls into one of their “protected class” models. If not, then that person will be labeled as a “traitor to their kind.”

Blacks who vote Republican are called “Uncle Toms” and told they are not “authentically black.”

Women who are pro-life aren’t “real women.”

There’s no room for individuality on the liberal farm.

Planned Parenthood currently receives about half a billion taxpayer dollars annually. It also is the largest abortion chain in America, aborting more than 300,000 unborn babies every year.

A recent congressional investigation into the abortion business involving its sales of aborted baby parts concluded with lawmakers recommended that Congress defund it. Planned Parenthood also has been caught in numerous scandals involving Medicaid fraudand failures to report suspected sex trafficking and sexual abuse of minors.

The federal health care bill would redirect tax dollars to thousands of federally qualified community health centers to help ensure women continue to have access to quality, comprehensive health care when Planned Parenthood loses its funding.

And that is one of the few good points about the GOP version replacement bill. Possibly the only good thing.

As for the half billion taxpayer dollars that Planned Parenthood stands to lose, $1 million of that pays for Cecile Richards’ annual salary.

So maybe this has much less to do with women and their healthcare and much more to do with Richards’ bottom line.


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