The U.S. Will Boycott The UN Human Rights Council Over Israel Resolutions


In a long-overdue response to the United Nations’ reprehensible anti-Semitism, the U.S. delegation to the UN Human Rights Council will be boycotting the group.


There are five resolutions the council is due to take up today that are decidedly anti-Israel. Ideally, the Trump administration is seeking to diminish the legitimacy of the council and these new resolutions.

“The argument that the U.S. has to participate in bodies like the United Nations Human Rights Council or risk losing our influence over it is ridiculous,” said one senior administration official told the Free Beacon. “The UNHRC is, like its predecessor, morally bankrupt and the only good news is that its actions have little practical effect in the real world. We’ve wasted enough time and money on it.”

To get a good idea of the particular den of vipers that make up the UN Human Rights Council, consider nations like Cuba, China, and Venezuela have a seat at the table.

On the Human Rights Council.

There are actually a host of nations with seats on the Council who are openly adversarial to Israel.

To that point, the UNHRC is little better than a gaggle of mean girls talking about the one girl they all have decided to target for the day.

If there’s one thing this current administration is doing right, this would be it. Until the UN is forced to see their own hypocrisy, the idea that they should be given deference in all matters isn’t just wrong: it’s reckless.


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