Senator Tom Cotton: GOP Shouldnt Act Like Democrats Did With Obamacare

Senator Tom Cotton went on a tweetstorm this morning, urging House Republicans to slow down their rush to pass an Obamacare replacement bill.

Cotton tweeted:


No doubt, this latest “tweaking” of Obamacare is far removed from the full repeal that so many conservatives wanted, and ultimately expected would happen when they fell in behind Donald Trump and gave him the White House.

I suppose they feel taking a feather duster to the plan will give better optics than the sledgehammer voters want.

Still, there’s reason to believe a full repeal just isn’t feasible.

However, GOP leaders believe their plan is best, since moving regular legislation to repeal Obamacare would undoubtedly stall in the Senate, where there are only 52 Republicans.

Sixty votes are needed to advance legislation under regular order in the Senate, and it’s unlikely that eight Democrats would join up with the GOP to repeal Obamacare.

All the more reason to be chill with this thing.

Yes, Trump made YUGE promises before the election, writing checks with his mouth that the butts of GOP lawmakers may not be able to cash.



Democrats rushed Obamacare on us. No one had a chance to even read it or know what they were subjecting the American people to.

If Republicans want to be seen as a different party, they need to start acting like it.

Go back to the drawing board, get out the scalpels and magnifying glasses and then strip everything away that doesn’t promote a free market solution to healthcare.



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