VIDEO: Former President Bush Rebuffs Jimmy Kimmel's Prodding About UFO Files

I sincerely miss President George W. Bush.

Was he a rock-ribbed conservative icon?


He was, however, graceful, poised, patriotic, and a gentleman.

He also has a humorous side to him that for those who can put their politics aside, makes him an endearing public figure.


Given the last decade, it seems W’s calm wit is fostering a new appeal, especially for those so worn out from the arrogant anti-American days of Obama, and the present-day madness that is Trumpism.

Former President Bush, always classy, was content to remain quiet through the Obama years, as it is tradition for former presidents to step back and grant respect for the current president to run the nation as they feel necessary.

Only recently has he reemerged, hitting the talk show circuit to promote his new book, “Portraits of Courage.”

As it turns out, the former president isn’t half bad as a painter, and he put together a collection of his paintings to honor war veterans, with all proceeds going to help the vets.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night to promote the book, host Kimmel attempted to get the former president to dish on the “UFO files.”


Ever the good sport, Bush said his daughters asked the very same thing.

“True,” Bush said when Kimmel said he can do whatever he wants now that he’s out of office. “But I’m not telling you.”

“I’m not telling you nothing,” Bush said to laughs.

It’s a fun, light moment, and there were many.

It’s nice to see President Bush so comfortable and being appreciated as just a solidly good guy, instead of being harangued by the left as a “war criminal” and an imbecile.

He is neither.


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