New Mexico College Launches Study Group To Confront "Depravity Of Whiteness"

Over at St. John’s College in Sante Fe (New Mexico), they are on the verge of solving the problem of racism and sexism in the world.

You’ve just got to crack down on white men.


According to Campus Reform, an email was sent out across the St. John’s campus, announcing a “study group,” and encouraging all those white devils creeping around the school to attend a four-part hammering session, where their “privilege” will be pointed out, and they’ll learn to be “self-critical.”

Oh, yeah. Most college age students have the kind of self-esteem needed to withstand four sessions of people yelling at them over things they can’t control (like their race and gender) and telling them what horrible creatures they are.

I’m equally sure their parents want to pay big bucks in tuition for them to learn to hate themselves, as well.

The email reads:

“This is a group where those who most often exhibit racist and sexist behavior–white males–can begin to be self-critical of the very dangerous, brutal, and depraved hierarchical pathologies of superiority, supremacy, and inferiority handed down to us by white Euro-American institutions,” an email advertising the study group elaborates.

Participants will apparently deal with two main problems, those being “the depravity of whiteness and the brutality of masculinity.”

“The main topic for discussion will be an ongoing one: How do we deal with the depravity of whiteness and the brutality of masculinity? How can we get to the root of this problem?” the announcement confirms.

The email goes on to explain that members of the study group will “read about and discuss the privilege of white people (especially white males), patriarchy, sexism, and racism in the neoliberal capitalist empire of the United States of America,” warning prospective attendees that “the discussions will be graphic and contain graphic material.”


Somebody should bring muffins.

Maggie Reitz-Wells was the sender of the ridiculous email, and serves in the Office of Student Life.

After further attempts to get information from the college, nobody seems to want to talk about it.

I don’t blame them.

I would suggest that if marginalizing a particular segment of the student body and holding them up to scorn and condemnation is going to be par for the course there, then perhaps the parents need to take the appropriate steps to relieve the campus of those students they obviously don’t value.


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