Trump's Speech Was No "Time For Choosing" Moment

I’m willing to concede that Donald Trump’s speech to the joint session of Congress last night was a high point for him.

For him.

We’ve become so battered by the incompetence and irrational rants of this man, that just finding out that he can read from a teleprompter words written for him by more sane individuals has become a high mark.


When you have Paul Ryan and a gallery full of Republicans standing and applauding for big government programs like the trillion dollar infrastructure plan, or liberal daughter Ivanka’s fully paid maternity leave, something is wrong.

Then there was the talk of restrictive trade policies and the outright lie of suggesting he could lower the cost of healthcare.

No, we can’t fix everything, as Trump promised in his hour-long fantasy ride.

But, who cares. All the polls showed the approval of those who have set their expectations to basement-level.

In fact, conservatives have gone so long since the last time we actually heard true conservatism championed from a presidential platform, that I fear too many are willing to just settle.

And that is why we end up with charlatans like Trump as president, and are so relieved when he sounds the slightest bit presidential.

In 1964, Ronald Reagan gave a speech on behalf of the newly nominated Republican presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, and it has become one for the ages.

It is one of those speeches that conservatives look back on with great fondness, and the dragging pangs of longing for a return to true conservatism.


I think we need to hear this again.

I think it needs to be required, repeat listening for all those who consider themselves conservatives.

I especially think it warrants a new listen for anyone who now sees big government as complimentary to achieving conservative goals, just because we’ve got a big government guy as our “Republican” president, at this point.

And someone please forward this to Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, and pretty much every Republican lawmaker that sat in that gallery and did their best plastic bobblehead impressions, last night.


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