Caught On Video: Louisiana Town Hall Protesters Writhe And Spit At Mention Of Prayer

Image via Flickr Creative Commons by Dustin Iskandar

Do you want to know who (or what) is involved in all these town hall protests, where our representatives are being bullied and shouted down, without being given the courtesy of being heard?


SooperMexican, over at the Right Scoop snagged a couple of videos taken at a recent town hall event in Louisiana.

It’s absolutely disgusting, to be honest.

The first video shows the reaction of these protesters at the mention of prayer.

Absolutely disrespectful, hate-filled, disruptive, and frankly, just sad.

They want us to believe they’re more than just saboteurs, and I guess they are. Paid saboteurs, perhaps?

The next video shows that it’s not just prayer they find objectionable, but the Pledge of Allegiance seems to set them off, as well.

Want to know who these people are?

My first guess would be twisted reprobates, with no other goal than to bring chaos.

If they can’t control themselves and respect the others in attendance, they need to be shut out. These events are supposed to give citizens an opportunity to interact with their representatives. They’re not meant as forums for bussed in liberal riff raff to create distraction.


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