Former Trump Adviser: Expect To See More Unscripted Trump Moments

Pretty much NOT what needs to happen.

Speaking with the Washington Examiner (mainly because few, outside of some of the alt-right nightmare sites will still speak to him), former Trump adviser, Roger Stone, promised that the world would see more unscripted Trump pressers, because that’s what his fan base wants to see.


“All of my other clients have been career politicians and therefore they were more scripted and more coached and more programmed,” said Stone. “That’s not the case with Donald Trump. He is his own man. He’s happy to listen to advice but at the end of the day he decides what’s best and he chooses his own message so you don’t have the scripted nature of it.”

“It’s much more genuine,” he said. “So, if you’re a political consultant for Donald Trump, your job is to give your best advice but at the end of the day he can choose whether he wants to agree or disagree.”

Stone was speaking of President Trump’s Thursday press conference, that saw him drift from announcing his labor secretary pick, Alexander Acosta, to bragging about his election win (while giving false information about his Electoral College count), to attacking Hillary Clinton and mainly, the media.

Stone said Trump’s relationship with the news media, which characterized much of his campaign, is unlikely to change.

“The majority of the voters are now getting their news from somebody other than the three networks and the two cable networks and the major national newspapers,” he said. “In terms of his criticism of CNN, I think he’s right on the money. They’ve ceased to be a news organization and now they’re an opinion operation.”


And Stone probably isn’t saying that out of bitterness, at all.

CNN, along with MSNBC banned Stone from appearing on their networks because of abusive and sometimes racist rhetoric.

Among the random, unscripted moments from Trump, there was the moment he berated a young, Jewish reporter for Ami Magazine. I wrote about that earlier.

This would have been a perfect moment for Trump to really show off his level of maturity and compassion, speaking on a troubling rise of anti-Semitism in the nation. What’s more, the reporter who asked was from a friendly outlet, and the reporter attempted to frame his question in a way that allowed for Trump to hear that he was on his side.

But, off-the-cuff, or something.

Keep giving that bad advice, Stone. This can only hurt Trump, in the long run.


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