Jake Tapper Schools Trump On Difference Between News And Conspiracy Theories

And the war rages on.

Jake Tapper, of CNN, is pretty much my favorite news guy these days.

Unlike the far left ragers, such as Chris Matthews over at MSNBC, or the drooling, watery-eyed cultist of Fox News, Sensei Hannity, Tapper is measured and mature in his approach.

Sure, I suspect he tilts a bit more to the left than the center, but I actually don’t care. He’s not a fanatic about it and he actually seems to value mature discourse.

Whether you consider yourself on the left or the right, ideologically, there is much to be said for keeping your wits about you, rather than reeling off a string of wild-eyed accusations.

A good example would be President Trump’s morning tweet-storm, on Wednesday.

Peak Trump.

This was Trump’s response to the media maelstrom over national security adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation.


Reports emerged Tuesday that aides and allies to Trump’s 2016 bid were in recurring contact with senior Russian intelligence officials, according to intercepted phone calls and phone records.

Current and former U.S. officials told The New York Times they had seen no evidence of collusion in regard to the Russian hacking of Democratic organizations or the presidential race last year.

That much isn’t really news. Reports about former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, as well as Trump associate, Roger Stone, and Carter Page, a former advisor for Trump’s campaign have been circulating for months.

I really don’t see the new twist that made it necessary to dredge back up.

Whatever the case, they’re not unfairly picking on Trump. We’re not in new territory. As president, he should expect a certain amount of scrutiny by the press.

As one playing the role as a Republican, he should expect a lot more.

That’s just the way it is. It’s not fair, but most media are tragically left-leaning, so they are acting on what is their nature.

That being said, Trump’s victimhood rants are pretty stale, already. Enter Jake Tapper to add a bit of clarity to the mix.

Oh, my.

And for those with short memories: Trump didn’t have a problem with conspiracy theories during the primary, when he accused Senator Ted Cruz’s father of being involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

He also may have had a hand in suggesting that Cruz was involved in multiple extramarital affairs – a story that was featured in the tabloid, The National Enquirer.

This was a timely and well-played rebuke from Tapper.

I doubt Trump will learn anything from it.




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