Black Caucus Members Make A Pointless Scene On The Senate Floor

Keep in mind that these are the same people that wanted a painting depicting police officers as pigs to hang on a Capitol complex hallway wall, at a time when ambush attacks on our nation’s police officers haunts the news headlines.


Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX.) led the group of around 10 Black Caucus members to the Senate side of the Capitol and onto the floor, in order to express their opposition to Senator Jeff Session’s nomination as attorney general.

“Sen. Sessions may be one of the most incompatible nominees to the Department of Justice that we’ve seen in decades – that department is a department of the vulnerable,” Jackson Lee told the Washington Examiner after leaving the Senate floor.

“It is a department that deals with the issues of civil rights mostly, it deals with the issue of voting rights, and the empowerment of women. It deals with the issues of protecting those on the questions of marriage equality, gender discrimination and no record has been more potent against all of those issues,” she said, speaking about Sessions but not mentioning any specifics about his positions over the years.

Jackson Lee managed to bring up the silencing of Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday evening, as she attempted to attack Sessions by reading from a 30-year old letter written by the wife of Martin Luther King Jr, Coretta Scott King.

In the letter, King was critical of Sessions’ voting rights record, as the Senate was then considering his nomination to a federal judgeship.

“I think last night and the treatment of Sen. Warren spoke loudly to the crux of our concern,” she said. “Will there be any free speech and freedom in the department of justice, a place where you are to uphold the Constitution, if Elizabeth Warren cannot read from our beloved Coretta Scott King’s letter?”


Except the rule that shut down Warren, Senate Rule 19, was perfectly acceptable.

The letter Warren was attempting to read involved a 1984 voter fraud case that Sessions prosecuted.

That particular case involved complaints from one black candidate that another black candidates’ supporters were illegally tampering with elderly voters’ ballots. The defendants, including close King associate Al Turner, were eventually cleared of wrongdoing.

So, basically, Sessions was involved with a case prosecuting the actions of someone associated with King (which he actually lost), involving potential voter fraud, and that, somehow, makes him the enemy of equal rights?

I know.

It makes no sense to me, either, but Democrats gonna Democrat.


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