Small Mississippi Town Fights Back Against Leftist, Anti-Christian Bullies

Three cheers for the citizens of Rienzi, Mississippi!

When the liberal Freedom from Religion Foundation had one of their customary freakouts over a Christian flag flying over a Veteran’s Memorial Park in the tiny, 300-person town, the townspeople put their foot down.


The bullies threatened to sue the town for $500,000 if the flag was not taken down.

There’s no word on whether anybody within the FRF even lived in the town. At best, it just looks like they saw a small town to shake down and went for it.

Rienzi Mayor Walter Williams initially decided to take the flag down for the time being.

“I never dreamed that something like this would have happened in a town this small, but it happened,” Williams told WREG.

Maybe it’s just been a slow winter, and with the celebration of Christ’s birth behind us, and Resurrection Day still several months away, they needed something to huff and puff over.

The citizens of Rienzi, mostly Christian, were not happy with their mayor’s decision.

Kevin Nelms decided to step up and organized a protest.

“There just comes a point in time when you’ve got to be politically incorrect and take a stand,” Nelms told WREG. “We’re not gonna let other people, or a foundation or anybody else up in Wisconsin tell us that we can’t fly our flag … you’re gonna take one down, we’re gonna put a hundred back up.”

A little over 100 citizens – more than a third of the town – showed up.



That is the kind of attitude and the kind of pushback that needs to happen on a wide scale from Christians in this nation.

We have truly lacked the spirit of Christian warriors, for quite a long time.

Don’t worry. I’m not advocating for a modern-day Crusade, but a little spirited push-back?


The Saturday event kicked off with a 12-mile ride from the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. facility in Corinth, Miss., to the Veterans Memorial Park in Rienzi. Many of the participants were motorcyclists and bore Christian flags on the backs of their bikes.

The flag was rehung, but will likely not stay, as legal options are considered.

A lawyer has been hired, with hopes of finding some legal means to return the flag to the park.

“We’re gonna fly that flag again,” Williams said, “and I’m hoping it’s not going to be long.”

I hope so, too.


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