PERFECT: CNN's Jake Tapper Responds To Steve Bannon's Attack On The Media

The Trump administration are not fans of the media.

The Trump administration apparently want to have sole control of all media.

The media doesn’t care.

By media, I mean Jake Tapper, of CNN, who had a simple, uncomplicated response to statements made by Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, in a New York Times interview.

I gave you the story yesterday about Bannon’s hateful interview, describing the media as the “opposition party,” and saying they should keep their mouths shut.

Thursday on “The Lead,” Tapper responded.

“A reminder that the president’s top aide just told The New York Times that press should keep its mouth shut,” Tapper said during CNN’s “The Lead.”

“No,” Tapper added, with a chuckle.

The Trumplings will rage and Bannon will likely attempt to swallow his own head, in a fit of pique, but from those of us with IQs above room temperature: Well done, Jake. Well done, indeed.

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