Trump's Directive To Investigate Voter Fraud To Be Signed Today

Another Trump directive.

When he said he was going to push for a look at voter fraud, he meant it.

President Trump will be signing a directive today to kick off the investigation into voter fraud. Presumably, his hope is to back up his claim that 3 to 5 million illegals voted in the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton, thus depriving him of the popular vote.

Because he’s very popular. The most popular. Everything he does is bigger, better, golder.

“Right now, it will be a follow-up on the announcement yesterday to better understand voter fraud,” press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters aboard Air Force One, as the president traveled to Philadelphia to meet with congressional Republicans at their retreat.

The spokesman did not provide further details.

I’m not opposed to an investigation, but the goal should be how to best maintain voter integrity.

As I’ve stated before, voter ID should be the first line of defense against voter fraud.

And why not? You need identification for everything else, and from my experiences working on multiple election days in a small community, I’ve found that the ones who have protested against presenting ID the loudest have no problem with presenting it anywhere else, for any other purpose.

Trump’s focus on voter fraud has provoked concern in both parties.

Republicans in Congress have echoed academics, state attorneys general and even members of the president’s own legal team, who have said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election.

Democrats and civil rights groups worry the investigation could leak to a crackdown on voting rights.

Hyperbole from the Democrats and their lapdog “civil rights” groups.

This is a move to assuage Trump’s ego, at any rate. Should it uncover wrongdoing, or at the very least, expose vulnerabilities in our voting system, however, then I’m all for it.