GQ Writer Pens Piece Thanking Obama For Keeping Women From Getting Pregnant

If you want to sum up the definition of being a liberal in a neat, four-word package, possibly the most succinct assembly would be: lack of personal responsibility.

In what can only be described as the pinnacle of dumb liberal think pieces, a GQ writer by the name of Ashley Fetters wrote an ode to Barack Obama, thanking him for making it possible to have mindless, responsibility-free sex.

The piece began:

Look, I don’t have to tell you how quickly the fear of accidentally getting someone pregnant can kill your sex drive. Chances are you’ve been there—maybe as a 17-year-old clumsily fumbling around on the couch in your parents’ basement, or maybe as an undergrad panic-searching for a condom in a dorm desk drawer, or maybe as a frazzled dad with enough kids already screaming downstairs. It’s a real and universal anxiety for guys (and, as a woman, I imagine it might almost hold a candle to the anxiety we feel at the prospect of accidentally getting pregnant. Almost).

But you know who’s been out there for the last eight years tirelessly waging a war on this horrible, boner-killing feeling of dread? President Obama. If you’ve had sex with a woman in the last four years and found the encounter totally, gloriously un-plagued by angst about the risk of surprise fatherhood, you probably owe Barry O. a moment of gratitude.

Are we getting this? Before 2008, people were afraid to have sex. They had no idea how to protect themselves from pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

It was chaos in the sheets.

Fetters doubles down on the sappy, liberal cult-worship.

A central provision of Obama’s Affordable Care Act—one that went into effect in 2012—was the elimination of out-of-pocket costs for contraceptives for women, including the morning-after pill, IUDs (you know, those fishing-tackle contraptions that quietly prevent pregnancy for several years), and even sterilization. The ACA aimed to guarantee every insured woman at least one cost-free way to counteract an unwanted pregnancy—and in a broader sense, to guarantee every insured woman the right to control, regulate, modify, or hack her own reproductive system as she pleased.

The Obama administration committed to reassuring women that kids were only in their futures when and if they wanted them—and in the process, ushered in a golden era of low-risk sex for fun.

As a result, the second term of Obama’s presidency, and the year 2016 in particular, is already being called a “golden age of birth control.” Between 2012 and 2014, the percentage of women paying $0 for birth control pills more than tripled; for the vast majority of women the out-of-pocket price of an IUD dropped from hundreds of dollars to free. Even at the dawn of Obama’s last year in office, his administration was still working to ensure that women—including women who worked for religious nonprofits—would have access to free birth control through their insurance.

To cliff note that part: free stuff.

I pointed this out elsewhere, but you can go to any Walmart in the nation and get a 40 count box of condoms for about $11. Cost has never been the real issue.

The issue is making somebody else pay for the irresponsible, often morally corrupt lifestyles of liberals.

Ms. Fetters is celebrating President Obama’s attack on religious freedoms, by forcing Christians to pay for hedonistic exploits.

This is all a long-winded way to say: Obama spent his presidency fighting for every American woman to be entitled to a worry-free sex life—the undersung bonus side effect of which is plenty more worry-free sex for men, too. He and his administration made a firm commitment to putting women’s minds at ease, reassuring them that kids were only in their futures when and if they wanted them. And in doing so, Team Obama also gifted you a golden era of fun, low-risk banging with your wife, your girlfriend, or the friendly gal who was nice enough to accompany you home from the bar. Because, surprise! Turns out we’re all more fun to have sex with when we’re not preoccupied with the worry of not accidentally creating babies.

So lot lizards, drunken barflies, hookers, and desperate women with low self-esteem should thank Obama for enabling their habits.

There’s no room in liberal ideology for personal responsibility. The very concept is foreign.

With a possible repeal of the (un)Affordable Care Act looming, meaning an end of freebies for the perpetually horny, expect to see a boom in birthrates, if Fetters’ puerile piece holds any scrap of truth.

If that doesn’t happen, we can assume she was talking out of her nether regions.

Not, traditionally, a valid form of birth control, so she may need to stop writing dumb think pieces and get herself over to her local Walmart.