Obama Bows to the Castro Regime, Eliciting Outrage From Cuban-American Lawmaker

One more week! One more week! One more week!

Soon-to-be former President Barack Obama seems intent on burning the house down on his way out the door. With one week left to go, he had one more horrible, freedom killing swipe, pro-Communist swipe of his pen left in him.


Let’s all knock on wood, here. He could do a lot more in his remaining week. I’m just assuming he’ll let this one be the last.

On Thursday, Obama furthered his attempts to ingratiate himself to Cuba’s Castro regime by ending a 50-year old policy that allows for any Cuban immigrants that make it to dry land in America to stay and claim legal residency without a visa.

It’s called the “Wet foot, dry foot” policy, and has been a part of America’s stand against the oppressive Communist regime, where many who flee would face imprisonment or even death, if they were returned.

From the Washington Examiner:

Obama is scrapping that as part of the ongoing normalization of relations with Cuba. “To the extent permitted by the current laws of our two countries, the United States will now treat Cuban migrants in a manner consistent with how it treats others; unauthorized migrants can expect to be removed unless they qualify for humanitarian relief under our laws,” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a Thursday statement.

Wait… Aren’t these the same people who lose their minds over the idea of deporting illegal immigrants flooding in from our porous southern border?

The move has enraged many, but so far, none have been as vocal as Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL.).


“If I see a picture on Friday of President Obama massaging Raul Castro’s feet, really, with fuzzy little gloves, massaging his feet, that wouldn’t surprise me,” Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart told reporters on Thursday. “Because this president has no limit when it comes to bowing down, appeasing and giving concessions to Castro or to other enemies of the United States.”

Diaz-Balart has long been one of the most ardent critics of the Cuban government. He is the nephew of Fidel Castro; the dictator dubbed him one of his “most repulsive enemies.” The lawmaker argued that Obama’s decision is especially misguided given that it comes one day after the temporary detention of Oscar Biscet, a doctor and political dissident, who was threatened with further arrests if he continues trying to organize a new parliament in the country.

We’ve seen enough pictures over the past eight years of Obama bowing to foreign leaders that a mental image of him rubbing Castro’s feet shouldn’t be difficult to conjure up.

“There is no concession that Castro has wanted that Obama has not been willing to give him and give it to him unilaterally,” Diaz-Balart said. “You know, you would think that, for example, President Obama would be concerned about the fugitives of U.S. law that are harbored by the regime. Cop killers, terrorists — doesn’t seem to concern him. You would think that he would be concerned about those who commit fraud in the United States and then go back to Cuba. You would think that his priority would be the national security of the United States or the Cuban people, but once again his priority is obviously pleasing Castro.”


It’s a sticky situation, to say the least, and ending the policy does have support on both sides.

On the one hand, there are immigrants who are fleeing for their lives, some of them, literally.

On the other hand, the policy has made it convenient for the Castros to flood the nation with immigrants, some who would simply turn and go back.

The Castro regime have used this flood as a means for forcing a repeal of the embargo and a softening of attitudes towards them.

Expect to see and hear more from the Cuban-American community.





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