Hilarious Alt-Right In-Fighting Lights Up Social Media

Excuse me while I chuckle mightily.

Did I say chuckle? More like heaving, rolling belly laughs, as I point with one hand and wipe tears from my eyes with the other.

It seems the feelings of alt-right triumph from their Trump election victory has given way to some nasty in-fighting.

Apparently, those elements of Trump’s alt-right fan base that we were repeatedly told didn’t exist (despite mountains of evidence to the contrary) are taking exception to the rest of Trump’s devotees seeking to lessen their prominence within the movement.


Who is going to the DeploraBall? Well…

From Mediaite:

The argument seems to have begun when NY Magazine writer Jesse Singal pointed out that one of the headliners for the D.C. event with the Twitter handle Baked Alaska had a history of anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi tweets about the “Jewish question.” Shortly afterwards, Singal watched in real time as Baked Alaska’s name was removed from the Google Doc listing attendees.

Fellow alt-right leader Mike Cernovich announced the cancellation shortly afterwards, and that Baked Alaska would be replaced with Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.


Of course, to say that didn’t go over well with Mr. Alaska would be an understatement (Forgive the language).


Interesting that Cernovich seems willing to work with these unhinged, Jew-hating scumbags, as long as they keep it on the down low.

Next, with help from another alt-righter, Baked Alaska went after Yiannopoulus.

“Kike,” by the way, is a word anti-Semites use to insult Jews. And Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi site.

Cernovich, no stranger to hissy fits, went back at Baked Alaska, calling him a drug addict in a tweet and Periscope video, both of which are now deleted.

The hilarious social media event concluded with Baked Alaska taking over the Twitter account associated with the DeploraBall and announcing that it was not he, but Mike Cernovich who wouldn’t be attending the ball.

And that he’s a cuck.

Does anybody know which side Sean Hannity falls to in this family feud?

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