Trump Won't Be Making an Announcement Regarding His Future With His Businesses

Trump had announced in November that he would turn control of his business empire over to his children and devote himself to the presidency.

He was to have a news conference on December 15 to announce his plans.


In the time since, his liberal daughter, Ivanka, and her equally liberal husband, Jared Kushner, have begun house-hunting in D.C.

And as of today, the announcement has been “postponed.”

A new date hasn’t been picked yet, but the announcement will come before Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, according to Bloomberg.

Trump said in November that he would leave his global empire so as not to have a “conflict of interest with my various businesses.”

The president-elect said legal documents are “being crafted” to take him out of business operations.

However, The New York Times reported last week that Trump plans to keep a stake in his business while handing his two adults sons the operational responsibilities of the company.

Trump faced criticism recently over potential conflict of interests that could occur regarding his involvement in the Trump Organization while serving in the White House.


As discussed yesterday, Trump is currently seeking a legal means for bringing Ivanka and Jared Kushner into his administration, which may be one reason for the delay.

Trump has been arguably more dependent on his daughter and her husband through the election cycle and in regards to advising than some conservatives are comfortable with.

Ivanka’s views don’t exactly mesh with the small government, personal liberty framework of the conservative movement.

Then again, Trump wasn’t elected to preserve the conservative movement.

And he won’t.


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